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“I offer a unique understanding and appreciation for the connection of body and spirit, and endeavor to help people find connection to their spirituality and physicality through Vinyasa Yoga.”
— Me, Allison

Yoga is damn fun! This is my passion. It is infectious and I love to share it with others! The movement, music, breath and focus gets me jazzed! Yet, my mind stays focused; my pace—relaxed. I am so present when I teach, there is no room for much else, except to revel in watching others find their own love of yoga.

I am here for my community, for my students. I instruct with power. I lead with purpose and clarity. My classes are focused. My classes flow. My goal as an instructor is to guide my students into their body, mind, and heart—skillfully, thoughtfully, and lovingly—giving my students a chance to create a healthy way of being. And we have a lot of fun in the process too!

We move and build strength while simultaneously finding ease in the body. Each class is different, offering new perspectives on the practice with emphasis on physical and mental awareness. I offer a unique understanding and appreciation for the connection of body and spirit, an endeavor to help people find their connection to the spirituality and physicality through Vinyasa Yoga.

I have been told my classes are dynamic and fun, with a sense of safety through anatomical focus. I encourage my students to seek the experience, the autonomy, and the freedom to adjust according to their body. Honoring our body in this way opens a world of new possibilities and growth.

My daughters, Evelyn and Madelyn, bring me so much love and joy. Our dog, Cooper, keeps things lively! Tacos, wine and music are my guilty pleasures!  And mountain time is oh so precious....

“SOL is a second home to me and a community hub. I can’t (I won’t) imagine a life without this sacred space. SOL is more than yoga. It’s a home, a refuge, for so many in this community to come in and practice self-care in whatever capacity they need it. A sanctuary. I like to say SOL is the antidote to our busy, hectic and often disconnected lives. The ripple effect is huge.”
— Me, Allison