ara gibson

mindful vinyasa flow instructor

“I teach yoga because I truly believe in the practice and it’s ability to improve your life in every way.”
— Me, Ara

I remember my mom started teaching me simple pranayama techniques when I was in grade school, laying my yogic foundation. I teach because I believe in yoga and its ability to improve life in every way. I create a fun and safe environment for all types of humans to connect and come together in community. 

I love that the truest essence of yoga is about practicing kindness - to others, to yourself and to our planet. I believe by moving mindfully and with the breath, you can learn a lot about your body, your state of mind and what it feels like to exist in this moment (even if it's just for a moment). I care about helping people find an asana practice that fits into their unique body.

When away from the mat, you'll most likely find me on a bike... in the mountains, riding my bike... at the beach riding my beach cruiser... roaming about the city on my road bike. I like riding any kind of bike. Finding creative ways to self express and accomplish things is my thing, and I'm obsessed with music and music history ;) 

My little boy, Jonah and my husband Andrew are my world. I also have the coolest parents ever and my two older brothers who are still my best friends.

“If you are unhappy you are too high up in your mind.”
— Carl Jung