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caroline perkins

power vinyasa yoga instructor

“I focus on alignment and helping students find new depth in familiar postures.”
— Me, Caroline

When yogis come practice with me they should know they will always be encouraged to pay attention to the needs of their body and spirit, taking modifications when needed and the gentle but clear encouragement when ready for more challenge. I focus on alignment and helping students find new depth in familiar postures. I love guiding students with subtle adjustments to take flight in an arm balance.

Over the years, I'd absorbed the demands and natural stress of my life into every pore of my body. Yoga was my recovery and totally captivated me with its physical and mental benefits. I was surprised to find how yoga transformed my body into its best ever physical health, but almost more, by how it guided me mentally to a more focused, settled and happier self. Through yoga, I began enjoying a new depth to my capacity to be authentic, present and available to others.

I believe yoga can reshape and feed the mind and body, and to be able to teach and share yoga's powerful benefits with students is the best I could ever imagine.

When not teaching yoga, I'm at my home here in Leschi where we always seem to have new visitors entering! I enjoy a full life—For work I teach weeklong programs up and down the state to underemployed and unemployed parents ready to reenter the work force. I enjoy time working on projects and adventuring with my husband Tadd and dog Calvin, our sons, friends and sisters. Mostly, we climb, hike, ski, and bike, and we especially love a river trip whenever we get a permit.  When not working or teaching, I’m often on the family farm in the Sacramento Delta with my 90-year old mom.

“I have been a seeker and I still am, but I stopped asking the books and the stars. I started listening to the teaching of my Soul.”
— Rumi