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SOL Vinyasa

SOL Vinyasa is a dynamic Vinyasa class in which movement is synched with breath.  This challenging, fluid and athletic class builds strength, flexibility, mental focus and a deep awareness of your body.  You will use your breath as a guide to become more aware of your body, your practice as well as train your mind to stay present.  Entering this sensory space opens your inner knowledge, allowing you to feel when to challenge yourself and also when to add ease and support.  SOL Vinyasa can be modified for any level, allowing practitioners of all abilities to feel both challenged and supported. 

Slow Flow

Slow Flow is slightly dialed down from our SOL Vinyasa class - an appealing approach for both beginners and experienced yogis. A slower practice ensures you find more time and space to learn the basics and get in touch with your body. Additionally, it is a great opportunity for deeper exploration of advanced poses. In Slow Flow, we encourage you to take your practice at your own pace and finish with a bit of rest to heal your body and nervous system.  


Traditional SOL Vinyasa + high intensity interval training (HIIT) to produce a truly unique fitness experience.  This yoga class is augmented with a total body workout that will strengthen muscles and movements, increase aerobic capacity and anaerobic efficiency, improve coordination and flexibility.  Each class involves different exercises using interval training techniques that incorporate body weight exercises, calisthenics, and plyometric exercises in a carefully structured and timed fashion.  In addition to providing a complete workout, it will improve your yoga practice (which Allison designed it to do).  These exercises are scalable to accommodate a range of fitness levels, just like our yoga classes.  A solid understanding of Sun Salutations is requested to keep the pace of the class moving at the beginning.


Recharge your body and calm your nervous system in this practice emphasizing relaxation.  Restorative yoga provides an excellent compliment to the rigor of our more powerful classes.  Using props and longer holds, we will invite the body to relax more fully and release any unnecessary tension stored in the physical, emotional and energetic bodies. 

Vinyasa 1+

This grounding and focused class is appropriate for beginners and advanced yogis alike.  You will feel welcomed, challenged and supported no matter your level of experience.  The class will be taught offering essential components of SOL Vinyasa.  Students have the freedom to ramp the practice up as needed while staying in sequence with what is taught.  

Vinyasa 2+

Take our SOL Vinyasa class and add some fuel to it!  This class will incorporate more challenge as we sprinkle in plenty of arm balance and inversion opportunities to an otherwise hearty flow.  Having a solid understand of your practice level and an ability to modify as needed is recommended.

*All classes are warmed to 85 degrees except in the HIIT portion of the YogaHIIT.