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Cailin DeJillas

fluid vinyasa instructor

“Teaching yoga is a beautifully humbling yet empowering meditative experience.”
— Me, Cailin

For many years, yoga was a physical practice that I kept revisiting over time. In 2012, when I truly dove into yoga, it became a source of emotional, mental, and spiritual growth for me. Teaching yoga is a beautifully humbling yet empowering meditative experience. It makes me a better person to myself and in this world.

I offer creative yet vigorous classes, empowering students to care for themselves by tuning into their physical and emotional needs, scaling back or stepping up as needed. My goal is to deeply connect students with their reason for practicing yoga through a moving meditation set to music. I keep things simple yet meaningful.

I continue my physical yoga practice in studios, at home, and on the beach. My favorite practice companions are my two daughters, who lay under me, climb onto my leg, or flow with me, reminding me just how interconnected we all are. Off the mat, I work on social justice issues in the law and enjoy time with family and friends, biking, hiking, and climbing.

“A person experiences life as something separated from the rest - a kind of optical delusion of consciousness. Our task must be to free ourselves from this self-imposed prison, and through compassion, to find the reality of Oneness.”
— Albert Einstein