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SOL Story

You know when you hear those stories when people say “the stars aligned” and “things were meant to be?”  That is how SOL was born. 

Opening a studio was always in the back of my mind, one of those ideas that bounces around in your head until it germinates and takes form.   The rest was timing, opportunity and luck.  It was April of 2012 when I signed the lease and in July of 2012, SOL opened.  At the time I had two young children at home, a two-year-old and a five-year-old.  Life was busy but SOL fell into the mix and became like a third child for me.  I nurtured her.  I dreamed for her.  With sweat (lots), tears, and thankfully no blood, SOL has blossomed and grown into, not only a successful yoga studio, but an incredible community I am grateful to be a part of. 

I can’t quite find a word that describes the depth of what I feel, but I do recognize I am the most fortunate person I know.  Like anything or anyone I love and want to keep close, I intend to continue to nurture SOL, my community and my students.




Invigorate your sol


Simply put, our mission is to invigorate your SOL. We are a boutique studio located in Leschi on the western shore of Lake Washington. We are dedicated to providing you with an energizing, uplifting, and well-balanced vinyasa yoga experience.

We intend to help you find union in your body, your mind, and your breath so you feel a deep connect to yourself, your life, and your community.

In order to further our mission and personalize every individual’s experience, our goal is to:

  • know your name

  • care about your body, injuries and all

  • deepen your practice through mind-body awareness

  • make you sweat

  • challenge you and support you through it

  • help you connect to a more therapeutic breath