200 hour teacher training


SOL Yoga Teacher Training

February 2020


Whether you dream of teaching yoga or simply hunger for a deeper knowledge of yoga, SOL Yoga’s Teacher Training will educate you, challenge you and support you.  Structured with the Yoga Sutras, The Eight Limbs of Yoga and human anatomy in mind, SOL’s training will be unique, usable and insightful.   

Sarah Goble will be your lead teacher with support from Allison Mahaffy.  Under their tutelage you will spend five weekends as a cohort, building each weekend upon the previous.  These weekends will demand all of you - plan to be fully immersed.  Your time in between our weekends will contain realistic amounts of homework and lots of practice time!  Journaling and meditation will be a constant throughout the training and we hope it becomes a life-long habit. Our curriculum is rich and exciting! 

You will:

  • Dig into ancient texts to find applicable lessons for our modern world

  • Study anatomy and physiology as it applies to the asana practice

  • Identify and experience various styles of yoga and learn when they arrived in the yoga history timeline

  • Guide basic meditations

  • Explore several forms of Pranayama (breathwork)

  • Gain clarity and alignment with your purposeful life path, both on and off your mat

  • Learn the SOL Yoga “special sauce”

  • Create moving and energetically appropriate playlists

  • Feel the arc of a class from the perspective of the teacher

  • Teach all categories of poses safely and purposefully; standing poses, backbends, forward bends, twists, inversions, hip openers and more

  • Practice teach, practice teach and practice teach

  • Verbally que your students in an effective and succinct way

  • Learn hands-on assisting that impacts your students

  • Understand the art of sequencing

  • Teach with purpose

At 25+ hours from Friday-Sunday, the information will be thick.  Consistencies will come in the form of opening every day together with an extended practice and ending each day together with a restorative or yin practice.  In between those practice sessions will be interactive lectures, written lessons, discussions in both the large and small groups, asana and meditation workshops as well as practice teaching.  



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Friday 2-7 p.m. 
Saturday and Sunday 9-8 p.m.

Investment is $3000
Payment plans are available

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